Liquid Asset$


CL remains to illiquid, range-chopped and dead to be of interest to any serious traders. Unfortunate, but true.


ScreenHunter_1471 Jan. 31 10.05

In looking at other instruments which I am familiar with, bonds and notes are extremely liquid and quite methodical. Ten-Year Note (ZN) futures today, with CM-$calper mode applied.

ScreenHunter_1472 Jan. 31 10.08

ES price action offered the usual solid potential Actually another +4pt short sequence followed this one after my day was successfully completed.

Your Business Opportunity
Trading isn’t easy. Never has been, is not today, never will be in the future. But it is possible to succeed and prevail. From this point forward I am working with a small number of serious traders who view trading as a business opportunity. Other than that I am 100% focused on the same thing here for myself. If you see yourself as a serious professional in this challenging field, I look forward to helping you progress forward 🙂

See You In$ide

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