The Big Lull

Currently still on the longest trading break in my career, dating back to mid-1999. But that’s solely because volatility, volume and avg daily ranges are lowest now since any time dating back WAY before that.

I won’t insult your intelligence by expounding on the fact that there is literally nothing to trade. You’re a smart person, you see the charts and you know that directional movement  is required for profitable trading. You already know that persistently sideways chop will only result in net-losses for everyone using any tactics known to man. There is no profit potential for anyone without price movement. Simple facts, whether any of us like them or not :/

At the end of this all-time historical lull across ALL financial markets, it will not be different this time. The resolution to uber-dead markets’ extreme is always prolonged escalation of wide-range, high volatility markets’ extremes. This mega-billion dollar fund manager and I happen to agree:

Meanwhile, stock indexes are dead, crude oil futures are dead, etc. I have less than zero interest in trying to squeeze blood from stones there or from any other markets either. Been there, done that, ain’t interested. When the markets return to consistent, directional movement daily, it’s time to return to work in earnest then. And only then 🙂

See You Inside

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