“You’re Getting So Thin”

“My, my, just look at you. You have gotten so thin… you are wasting away to nothing. Turn sideways and you’ll disappear on us.”

Those are words every dieter loves to hear. Not intraday traders. Yesterday’s example of S&P 500 futures was yet another epitome` of that. Dead chop, dead chop, dead chop upwards… abrupt slam down. Dead chop, dead chop, dead chop sideways… brief spike up. Followed by dead-chop sideways into the close.

I don’t care who you are or what trading “system” or approach you try to use. That type of illiquid price inaction is 100% unprofitable to trade for retail-commission paying traders. The prolonged incessant chop will create small loss stops and pars that eat away at your bankroll. Followed by random, unpredictable price spurts that cannot be consistently captured.

Leaving traders staring at dead charts for hours, grasping at thin air for minutes or seconds, and frustrated all day & night.


One of the biggest futures markets in the entire world is that illiquid because very few traders are active. Very few traders are active because market volatility is that dead. Market volatility is that dead because most traders are sidelined, waiting for volume + volatility = life to return. And opportunity for consistent profit to return with it.

But for now, what you see in those charts day after day is what present reality is.

See You Inside

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