New World Order

Greetings fellow traders 🙂

During my absence from the markets and web world since latter parts of 2017, people have flooded me with emails, performed internet searches and a whole host of things to see if I was/am operating elsewhere.

Fact is, I am idle the markets then to now. As noted at the time, I have ZERO personal interest in trying to squeeze nickles and dimes out of uber-dead markets simply for the sake of trading. No thanks, pass.

Now in fact we’ve suddenly seen two (2) sessions of all-out wild volatility. That does not mean active markets are here to stay for any length of time. Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. That does not compel me to change the course of my onward trading plans one bit. I have retired from active intraday trading forever. Which means going forward, ALL of my trades will expect to be held overnight, if not days or weeks into the future. If in fact I’m in a trade that happens to successfully ride a large intraday move, great. Worked in a hurry.

But as for designed intraday trading efforts for any symbol ever again? Nope. All done 🙂

That does not mean the methods of trading I use no longer work. It means uber-dead market conditions don’t work for ANY method of intraday trading. You see day-trading veterans who literally made millions of dollars still out there trying to gain any kind of traction lately. And driving themselves literally insane in the futile process, by looks of what they post.

In my case I am returning to active duty as a swing – position type trader. Targeting 100 – 200+ tick/cents moves in CL. Targeting 20+ to 100 index point moves in ES. Trading paired futures contracts spreads. Trading single-stock call or put options and LEAPs. Positions designed to hold for days, weeks or months until enough profits amass to make it worthwhile closing out.

As for the educational side, I am open to working with traders in passive fashion. Because my trading will not involve constant market watching, there will be no “live rooms” or “trade alerts” or anything similar. My forward style of trading involves taking a position whenever convenient for me, giving it enough room on a stop to work and walking away from the office entirely. In which case I’m willing to share info on how it’s done and what I have in mind near-term. Without actual real-time efforts or alerts intraday.

I closed down the merchant account and credit-card processing too. If in the future traders want to participate in educational format, it’ll be thru bank draft wires only. No time for free trials, credit card reversals one day before the six-month deadline for such (pre-planned from purchase) or any of that. My future work with traders (if any) will be small scale and personal, if anything at all. Which I’m perfectly fine with either way 🙂

Look for more updates and info coming here soon. As in this week ahead. Stock markets specifically are fired up (or down) for now. Whether that continues is anyone’s guess. But either way, I am ready to continue with swing-trading efforts across multiple markets and instruments, now.

See You Inside

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