If You Don’t Need The Money

Two absolute facts…

First, our CM Method of trading works the same as it always has, always does and always will inside ANY moving market(s)…

Above are a few of the many, many, many profitable trade signals from the past week of hyper-active, uber-volatile financial markets. Unless you’ve kept yourself inside a veritable vacuum lately, you are well aware that financial markets came unglued and went into pure freakout mode thru the past couple weeks. No need for us to expound on that fact any further here.

Only IF
Moving markets = profit potential. Dead markets = zero potential. There is no changing, altering or getting around that fact. I don’t care who you are or what method/system you are trying to use. If the financial market you are trying to trade is rife with sideways chop, you will not make a dime at best and you will lose substantially at worst. More often than not, worst.

Anyone who professes or tries to tell you otherwise is a lying sack of bullshit, Period, end of story.

Which means you only have potential to make money from within moving markets. Which of course is only part of the time, never all the time. Right now the markets happen to be in hyper-active mode, and that’s great. Substantial profit potential exists for all. Sooner or later they will relax into slower sideways mode, and zero potential exists for anyone.

Which means you, me and everyone else in the trading world with ZERO exceptions only have potential to profit at certain times. Other times there is nothing more to be accomplished than tread water = not lose too much.

Which in turn leads me to this personal realization: if you, me or anyone else with zero exceptions absolutely needs to make money from trading, it won’t happen. Trading is a money-making pursuit only suited for those who do not need to make their living or primary income from trading. ONLY IF you can easily afford to lose every dime in your account do you stand any chance for success.

That is not a mere opinion. It is an absolute fact. A fact that many, many traders inwardly know deep in their minds, but try to shove aside with dreams of making a full-time living from gambling.

Of course we can all site token examples of people who started with a little bit of money and rolled it big-time over time. And that’s true and that’s great. But it is not consistent, not the norm and not to be expected. The vast majority of traders, imo way more than 99% will go off-track, breakdown mentally and blow out any & all prior success when they hit prolong stretches of untradable markets and natural drawdown. The desperate need for $$ success met with periods of market inaction where such is impossible for anyone assures inevitable failure.

Now, I don’t want this to sound jaded or cynical. Merely realistic. There is no point in setting up ourselves for failure. If you are not well-capitalized for living life apart from and without your trading account(s) then you have potential to succeed at trading. If you think you are dependent on trading success and/or your account(s) in any way, you have nearly zero chance for long-term success.

The stress and pressure to perform during periods of time where profitable success is not possible for anyone using anything will sabotage any trader in time. Again, that is just a simple true fact and I am merely the messenger here. Hopes and dreams will not result in success. A defined method or system of trading coupled with well-capitalized traders who do not “need” the money have potential to succeed.

It’s vital for us to establish that baseline of reality here before we can discuss anything of merit or importance beyond 🙂

Best Trading Wishes



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