Can’t Lose System: BYO(self)Discipline

Today was weekly inventory report for Crude Oil futures, the market I currently trade. Only the ignorant (haven’t learned not to) or the moronic (will never learn not to) attempt to trade thru the 10:30am est total algos freakout zone.

In which case there was one (1) CM Patterns trade sequence prior to the news, and one (1) CM Patterns trade well after the news had cleared. They are…

^before the news…

…^after the news.

That’s it. Your whole day’s worth of profit opportunity right there. IF you knew this systematic approach, IF you managed to execute fills and stops, IF you managed to not trap yourself into f(ool)ing around with ANY other trades due to boredom, etc, AND if you managed to sit on your hands, let them reach their pre-trade measured profit objectives, you won. Congratulations!

If you are patient and disciplined, you can do this on a consistent basis any time any market is moving up or down. Or both. Just moving.

In the next post I’ll disclose the real, true, honest secret to self-discipline mastery. It exists, and I bet you already know how. Look forward to visiting with you then 🙂

Best Trading Wishes

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