$tress Free

I focus on the pit session for trading in the days I choose to trade. I dislike jumping out of bed, turning on screens while still half asleep and staring at them with blurry eyes while the adrenaline = cortisol hormonal cocktail wreaks long-term havoc inside every part of my body. Nor do I wish to sit there for endless hours all day long while the day passes me by.

Nope… we’ll leave the middle of night trading and frenetic pace of scalpy-scalp crap to those who prefer such things. My preference is chronicled in the CL charts above.

9:05am est we all snap our CM RoadMap price-measure grid on the 5min chart and we ALL see the exact-same thing as one another. Price never dips down into the bearish zone so we lean to the upside bias that price action itself tells us to.

Couple of long trade signals eventually confirm triggering. Our -20 tick initial stops take no heat from normal price movement gyrations. Given time with professional patience (self-discipline) the market indeed fulfills our pre-trade, premeasured price targets like any/all markets do. Far more often than not 🙂

There are no erratic heartbeats, shortness of breath, vulture-like staring at the screens while watching every price tick blip up & down. Matter of fact, you are free to leave the office and move about your normal day as desired. Price will either continue on to fulfill its own price-level predictions or it won’t. Nothing you can do about that while sitting like fungus growing on a rotted log thru the process.

We see traders on tv, on the web and many, maybe even most look ashen gray. Skeletal or obese. Sallow skin, zero muscle tone. Older than their age. Half dead. What can you expect? Sitting down all day for years at a time while your body filters the adrenal – cortisol drip literally kills you as a man from head to toe. That’s no way to live. Certainly not even a way to exist.

The great news is, trading does not have to be like that. You do not have to be “one with the chair” while rotting away on it, on a daily basis. Passive trading is where it’s at. If you haven’t figured that out by now, I for one surely hope you do. And soon 🙂

Best Trading Wishes

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