Bigger Is Better

One of the biggest reasons for trader failure is lack of willingness to work WITH the market. By that we mean working in total harmony with price action and expansion.

Day-trading caught fire in the late 1990s – early 2000 period due to extreme market volatility sustained and modernization of electronic technology. It was a perfect marriage in a perfect storm. But that electronic modernization also led to the emerging dominance of computer-algos controlling all markets. They are mostly designed to create and/or capture short-term price movement profits. And they are much better at that than any at-home human trader.

Far, far better.

It’s a well known fact that most aspiring traders fail to succeed. These days, or should we say for the past decade-plus, most traders have tried to confine market action inside of artificial space. Like one trading session. Markets don’t always fulfill their predictable, measured moves inside of x-set hours. Many times these highly predictable price moves unfold over two or more sessions. Traders who limit themselves to “intraday” only are making things much tougher than things naturally are.

As we established and all agreed to in here before, trader discipline comes from not needing $$ results right away or inside any fixed period of time. The need for $$ in order to sustain lifestyle will destroy trader discipline at any stage of development. Fear-greed cannot be, thwarted, denied or overcome when under-funded traders need over-optimized results. Those are simple facts. Solutions to those facts do not exist elsewhere on the web with the same old empty promises.

I always chuckle to myself when I read where market observers suggest keeping in tune with the market, changing tactics intraday as the market flow changes. LOLOL! Ask yourself how that is even possible. They are describing an impossible fantasy. You cannot know market behavior is changing from directional to flat to all-out wild until AFTER it happens. How the hell could anyone otherwise? Staying “in tune” with market flow is a hindsight, reactionary behavior. Horse has left the proverbial barn, by then. You will always be chasing and never anticipating by trying to “follow the changing flow” LOL again!

Really want to succeed as a trader? Ditch the intraday mentality. Abandon the attempts to force price action inside of limited tracts of time. Structure your trading so that you can place comfortable size positions using reasonable stops seeking premeasured profit objectives determined by price action itself.

Discipline and success can be that simple. Or they can be literally impossible. Depending on what each trader chooses for his/her own behavior.

Best Trading Wishes


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