Vertical Offen$e

It was a snow day (again) here from regular work, so I had time to dabble in the markets. At this point in time stocks of any sort are of no interest to me. Which leaves CL to play with, and considering it’s Friday there would be no holding fresh positions over the weekend. Fact is I’m brushing up my former skills on CL futures options trading for longer-term holds, but that’s another story for a different conversation post.

Using the customary 5min chart filter / 1,000 volume chart entry-trigger combo, a desired long-trade fill near 60.80 ~ .82 zone went unfilled as price surged upwards. A clear signal confirm but no chance to fill. It happens, part of the profession.

The next couple of hours saw price stair-step towards the upside CM-RoadMap measured objectives. Almost hit the 233% before pulling back to prior congestion area from Wed-Thu sessions. Price held that, signaled a second long trade sequence which this time did allow time to fill. Not long afterwards, buy programs surged higher towards CM-RoadMap 382% premeasured objective and I hit “sell” button towards the top of that spike.

Done trading for the day, charts shut down, end of story.


Readers ask if I have / will have a live room operation or anything of the sort. Answer is “no, not ever again”. My personal style of trading is not conducive to that. I do not (and never will) sit in front of the screens with unbroken stare, watching every tick with mind absorbed in each wiggle-waggle of price.

Instead I let price action itself (from any/every market) determine the action zones. Then I wander about, keeping an eye on charts for price to reach those zones while doing other things. Only when price nears an action zone do I actually sit down, execute and follow more closely. But there is no time at all where having a “live-room” operation would make sense. I simply don’t have any degree of constant stream chatter or thoughts to share. That’s not how we roll here at CM.

But for traders who are interested in learning the price-action based tactics that we use, I am available to provide materials when ordered by wire transfer or money-order purchase. Same tactics, same results in any active markets, different year 🙂

Best Trading Wishes

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