The Summer Season

Daily & Weekly charts of ES and CL, respectively. After the massively illiquid volatility to start this year, stocks have gone back into overall wedge-trend mode for now. With the most recent leg of that trend being upward. Crude oil has broken out of its earlier wedge to the upside now, too.

My own personal swing trading efforts have been educational. Granted I’m not in the market constantly, just sporadically as it fits in around life in general. I do expect to be more active in the latter part of this year and onward. Non-market projects I’ve been working on for a couple of years should be self-sustaining by then.

The biggest challenge for me with trading is isolation… lack of true socializing. Online chats are nice but no more personal than FB posts. There is no replacement for actual human interaction. As someone who lives alone, sitting alone in front of screens all day is not desirable. But variety is the spice and I don’t mind intermittent periods of intraday trading.

As for my own personal plans, I can see a mixture of intraday trading fitted in around life along with some longer-term swing trade efforts. A mix of futures, futures options and equity options used. But for now and the next few months of summer ahead, I’m mostly idle and observation mode. Serious resumption of trading for me waits until September and forward.

I was told many times over thru the years by experienced (and successful) market veterans that one can step away from the markets at any time and return at any time without fear of “missing out” or “falling behind” or any such gambling addiction thoughts. Which are emotion-based. Financial markets will be there in some form or fashion straight thru. The endless cycle of uptrend, downtrend and sideways consolidation will repeat regardless.

I’m enjoying my time away at arm’s length from the action. Sooner than later, it’ll be time to return again 🙂

Best Trading Wishes,

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