Shutdown Succe$$

I checked on yesterday’s long CL position swung overnight over coffee as my day began. Up +65 ticks and into overhead resistance right there, so I adjusted the trail stop and was taken out for +60 ticks closed.

With yesterday’s +12 ticks and today’s +60 ticks (zero trades Monday) that makes +72 ticks per CL contract booked this week. Considering my targeted results for short-term trades efforts are +50 ticks CL per contract, per calendar week.. performance goals met and exceeded.

I’ll reward myself by taking the remainder of this week off from further trading work 🙂

No Pressure. No Greed
I have no obligations to attempt trades or force trades, or even trade anything at all when I prefer no to. I have no self-imposed pressure to perform for the sake of onlookers, followers, live-room paid clients or managed accounts. And believe me, the weighted pressure of all those things can and often will torpedo traders and their trading efforts.

Now I do what I want, when I want. Or not. With the looming OPEC meeting ahead this weekend, CL price behavior often goes squirrely for obvious reasons. No one knows for sure. Maybe it’ll be the best possible trading action, maybe it’ll be the worst. Either way I don’t care. +50 ticks per each CL contract = $500 weekly. On four CL contracts, $2,000 weekly. Or $100,000+ annually. Not too shabby for a sideline gig that short-term trading will be.

Would you agree?

Have A Great Weekend

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