Above are the charts for yesterday’s (06/20/2018) Crude Oil trading session. Including the CM RoadMap from 9:10am est (narrow 5min range rule of measure) followed by all four (4) CM Trade signals confirmed AFTER the weekly oil inventory report at 10:30am est.

Now as for myself I did not trade yesterday, nor did I even watch these systematic trade signals unfold, develop and confirm. Yet they did all that regardless. Because we don’t trade some arbitrary, wild-ass guesswork approach here that requires subjective interpretation of too many variables. We have it dialed in to a very precise, specific and narrow scope of action.

Do I now in hindsight regret not trading yesterday? Well of course, part of me does. That’s pure human greed at work. Did you ever look at a chart, see a profitable trade sequence and not wish you had been part of it? I didn’t think so 🙂

I’ve had a number of question from readers in here these past few days. One of which being, why don’t I trade CL every day year-round if my “system” is so good? Fair question. Complex answer: I’m not interested in being glued to a chair for several hours per day, year-round. At least not when the same general approach also allows us to trade longer time-frames such as the soybean futures chart above, hold trades open for a week or three and profit while living our lives AWAY from said screens.

Did you ever look at a longer chart, see a substantially large profitable trade sequence and not wish you had been part of it? I didn’t think so 🙂

For me, I’d much rather have several trades going across different instruments poised for range breakouts and give them time to work, than sit there rapt in front of the screens day after week after month after year instead. Not to disparage day trading, which is fine too. Matter of fact, next week I’ll produce live videos each day of my CL trading efforts.

But overall I am more focused on longer-term swing trades across a basket of instruments than any lone symbol and short-term tactic. To each our own. I’ve done the day-trade thing with life totally revolved around screen time. No more. Now I’m all about working in screen time around actually living life instead 🙂

Best Trading Wishes,

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