Trend session lower from open to noon est… but it was chopwards down as we often experience. Was in a couple trades earlier, one made it +30ish ticks, couple went nowhere. Then short, stepped away from the screens while it progressed +60 ticks in favor, snapped back to slightly above initial entry, back down thru +40 ticks in favor for the trailed stop upon my return.

Probable to go lower still as the session progresses, but that’s enough churn for one day here. Content to be out and green.


Last week and the start of this… two CL contracts per turn.

What the ballpark stats look like for those who care about that stuff. I really don’t, for the most part. So long as the avg profit per trade size is solid, all the rest is moot imo.

No Video
Originally I intended to video record this week’s action but come to find out my ancient (10+ years old) tower system here has a dead sound card, at least on the mic side. I’ll either swap that out or upgrade systems entirely in the near future, but not compelled to do either right now. So it’s copy=paste images for the balance of this week, following suit from last week.

Four More
One session down, four left to go. It’d be cool to finish all green straight thru, we’ll see if that happens. Overall we will finish net-profitable, of that fact you can be sure 🙂

See You Inside

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