Enough Is Enough

Statistical odds of probability state CL should hit – exceed 69.07 at the CM-RM 233% sometime today. Odds are +/- 90% probable. But that other 10% exists too. Not to mention the fact that how it gets there is unknown… could pull back deep, several times in fact before a final spike thrust fulfills the destiny.

Matter of fact, there was a first test of multi-session overhead congestion at 68.70s which then pulled back to very near the blended long-position entry. When that happened I decided to trail-stop tight if a retest to that 68.70 zone stalled.

It did, I did. According to personal management plan 🙂

Another day wrapped up & done. My personal goal of +50 ticks per each CL contract on a weekly basis is about already met. Three more sessions to go, starting with tomorrow’s weekly inventory event. I like our chances to exceed that personal goal ahead.

See You Inside,

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