Into The Holiday

Finally getting around to wrapping the recent two-week project here. Now that my 10+ year old trading computer is back from repairs! Actually not the computer’s fault, it has a USB wireless insert that connects to cellular hotspot jetpack (I live remote) and accidentally kicked that with my foot which broke off the insert end internally.

Simple fix, only a matter of shop-time wait for repair. I’ll be more careful where I shuffle my feet from now on. That, or add more USB port plug-ins to the back.

Thursday P&L went from +$200 to 0 to +60 to +$220 to (-$480) eventually. Condensed version: got stopped out of long positions ahead of spike up as price kept stabbing lower, first. Usual algos behavior of stopping-out longs / stopping-in shorts before the inevitable move up. After that it was all-day chop inside a 30-tick range. Chalk that up to cumulatively poor trading management on my part.

Friday was a modest green session with one directional move and likewise congestive chop to follow.

Monday 07/02 premarket offered one crisp long sequence, followed by a pit session that never emerged from inside its open range.

Tuesday 07/03 was clearly a news-driven tape reaction that v-turned from above top of open range straight down to the 780% “trend-end” zone. I was nowhere near any screens at the time, or afterwards.

So that wraps up ten (10) trading sessions with nine (9) green and one (1) modest red for a gross (before costs) peak of $5,000+ using one & two contracts. Which works out to a weekly average of +125 ticks per each CL contract.


Learning The Ropes?
There is a stack of emails from the past week or so that I need to reply. And I will get thru them by the end of day 7/04, before the evening festivities begin. Many of them have questions on learning what we do here, overall educational process.

The blanket answer is I don’t have any current program in place. If in fact I were to offer anything in the near or distant future, it would absolutely not include daily live rooms, free trials of any kind or credit-card acceptance of any kind. Those three factors are ironclad off the table. So whatever might be possible otherwise is something I’ll have to think about.

Holiday Braked
I’m on official break from markets & trading into the weekend. Will resume some degree of intraday action next week onward as summer schedule permits. Look for an update next weekend with some further thoughts.

See You Inside

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