Today’s Markets

I haven’t kept current on blog posts here for one main reason: apathy. Not mine… I mean the general retail trading industry overall. If you frequent the popular (remaining) trader forums and blogs you have likewise noticed a sharp decrease in posts now compared to years past. There is a simple reason for that: lack of active retail traders.

The fact is there are likely fewer individual traders active in any/all markets right now than any time prior in the history of electronic market access. There are a number of factors=reasons for that but the overall fact remains as stated. Which is why so many blogs went dark, a majority of subscription “live rooms” and free chat rooms are gone. Overall retail-traders contraction.

I still get emails asking me if I run a live-room operation, if I offer “free trials” etc. Must be old habits do actually die hard when it comes to the trading world, too <lol>. The answer is both of those genres are out-dated, dead and gone forever. Not nearly enough active trader participants to support such venture for anybody. And I doubt there ever will be again.

Never again in the history of ever will I attempt any live-room effort. Nothing I’ll ever do in the future will include any sort of “free trials”. Those proverbial ships have sailed and fell off the edges of earth to be lost at sea, forever 🙂

IF (big “if” there) I ever do anything in the trader-education to come, it’ll be geared towards individual mentorships. But as for right now, I’m not offering anything to anyone. In the future I’ll most likely post more real-trades documentation inside here, too. But not for awhile, certainly no sooner than late September or beyond.

For now I’ll idle the updates here as there is no real point in repeating the same things day after week on end. Markets go up or down thru the CM RoadMaps intraday profiles, we work the CM Trades signals in harmony with that, and stick to the program. Simple. But never easy. Because trading is never easy when it comes to self-management and mind games. As you have no doubt discovered long ago on your own.

So with that, I hope you enjoy what’s left of this summer and into the early fall. As Arnold so famously quoted in movie-script past, “I’ll Be Back” 🙂

See You Inside

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