CM 2018 Fall Trading Season

The Fall 2018 intraday (and multi-session swing) trading games have begun 🙂

Mon 07/03: Holiday session, price went nowhere much at all but one never knows. Squeaked out a few ticks from a scaled long which went far enough to make the morning vigil worthwhile.

Tue 07/04: The first premarket long trade went 20+ ticks in favor before top stalled and back down. Subsequent longs went nowhere, short sequence carried to CM-RM 233% with its 90+% daily odds of probability.

Made for an overall successful day of work. That said, the initial long trades were errant signals, charting mistake on my part. I had changed timeframes on my signal charts while looking at other symbols the night before, i.e. Russell 2000, soybeans. Inadvertently “saved” those timeframes when switched back to CL. In this case that personal error cost results. I’ve done it before and had it work out by random chance, too. But definitely not part of the plan either way :/

Wed 07/05: pretty straightforward, +$$

Thu 07/06: one & done

Fri 07/06: choppy downside signals premarket, bottomed near Thursday trend session lows, snapped back as is often the case.

Weekly stats above, which includes that (-$500) trade-signals charts error Tuesday. Not bad for two-lot work in CL. I’ll take it 🙂

More to follow in this weekend’s update edition. See you inside

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