Feel The Fear…

… and do it anyway.

This week could have gone considerably better had I been much more focused on potential profits than loss. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first the week results…

Monday’s CL session was merely a low-energy chop & drift tape. Ended with my first net-loss red day in past few weeks.

Started the premarket session with modest draw, then took first opportunity to book out net-positive for the session with a trailed-stop long position. Price soon went far higher in what would have been much greater gain, with some patience applied.

Wednesday, same story. Post weekly inventory report soon surged far higher right after open long position stopped out for modest gain on a trail-stop order. Lack of patience applied.

Thursday, more patience applied to the short side following modest draw from prior shorts chopping out for loss.

Friday’s session went as most others… from modest draw on early chopped shorts to modest gain on final short. Closed at 68.23 and price dropped into 67.90s afterwards before a sharp snapback followed.

Week’s results and two week’s cumulative, stats based on CL 2-contract turns.

I feel no need to post daily results every day for a number of valid reasons. First, there should be no emphasis placed on any given day’s results. Doing that only leads to emotional tilts as traders let past day outcome affect next day’s decisions. From a blogger’s standpoint, daily posts activity attracts and retains readership. imo mostly action junkies who, whether they realize and admit it or not, are more hung up on the action, game and “scoreboard” of trading than they are emotionless, bland business attitude approach. imo if a trader gets excited, nervous, anxious, sweats over any trade, they are simply trading too big for their account. Or level of confidence mentally = emotionally. Or all the above.

Trading results are a cumulative mesh over time… not trade by trade or day to day. Hence the reason I will only post weekly results at week’s end here, and NEVER a daily update again. Ever 🙂

New Education?
My email inbox has gone from empty with tumbleweeds rolling thru to stacked with recent questions and comments. I’m working my way thru replies and should be current today. Many of those questions center around sharing info, what if any educational process I have in mind. I guess we’ll start with whatever I may offer in the future will not include anything involving credit card payment processing or accepting, live trade rooms, free trials of any kind. None of those. Period, end of story. Apart from that I do have some ideas and will detail that more inside this weekend’s post here. Meet you back here, then 🙂

See You Inside

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