Old And New
After sitting over a year of daily market action, I’ve made my planned return to the arena with a fresh mindset, new outlook and revised priority list in place. I have to admit the time away was absolutely therapeutic, refreshing and invigorating. Also highly educational. There are things one can only learn while stepped back at arm’s length from a subject, passive observation with an open mind. Now I also realize all of this runs counter to the emotional mindset of “diehard” and “addicted” traders. But that mindset is in fact one of the most limiting factors anyone can have that inhibits or impedes outright success.

So let’s discuss what is old, and what is new…

One thing that has never changed since the advent of electronic markets, and will 100% certainly NEVER change is the deadly effectiveness of CM-RoadMap. It’s pure money. Matter of fact, price action adheres to the laws of this intraday profile more today than ever before. Because computers are mathematical, not emotional… like the human-trader driven financial markets of yester-years past.

Something else that hasn’t changed? Stock index futures remain overall choppy as hell on an intraday basis, more often than not. Yes there are periods of high volatility now & then where stocks bust out and blow all over the charts. For a few days or weeks, gets everyone excited. But before you know it, they settle right back into chop-chop-chop-spike-surge-chop-chop intraday mode.

I am interested in swing-trading stock index futures during times of higher volatility. That means expecting to hold a trade open thru one or more overnight stretches. Let the price move unfold across two or more sessions. I am definitely NOT interested in day-trading ES or any other stock market, period. People ask if my approach is effective in whatever stock or stock index symbol and the honest reply is “yes, to the degree anything can be in a sideways chopped bias symbol(s)”.

It’s not the system that makes the difference… it is the market. Crude oil futures (and others) have smoother, more directional movement most of the time. That means less sideways chop, less fake-out pull backs, less back-chop purposely engineered by computer algos to take out all of your stops in between sporadic directional spurts.

So for the traders who feel compelled to intraday trade stock index futures, you do so knowing ahead of time that sideways chop and algo noise is going to stop you out of otherwise perfectly correct trades, often. Simply because that’s what your chosen symbols naturally do. No one has any magic bullets to counter-act that. You chose it, you deal with with. Doesn’t mean those markets are untradable… just inherently tougher than others in every possible way.

Personal Priorities
My sole purpose for being in the markets at all is to create time freedom for living life outside of trading. In other words, I am looking to spend as little time as possible in-office, in front of screens involved with markets in any way. I have no interest or desire to trade merely of the sake of it, i.e. entertainment, challenge, game, etc. Trading for me is a lifestyle freedom career. I want to come & go as I please while managing trades as necessary.

Not being “tied down” to market whims includes choosing tactics and symbols that permit such. In my case that means focusing on crude oil (CL) futures only for intraday efforts, and whatever else seems ideal at any given time for swing trades. Included with that are stretches of time where I’m away from office intraday and only manage longer-term hold swing trades. Or no trading at all. Whatever works around my desired life schedule within reason 🙂

Secondary To Trading
I am willing to perform various educational aspects for traders that fits within those parameters. With the understanding that trading itself is the core, trader education efforts are secondary sideline to that. So keeping with the priority aspect here, what does not fit now or ever are any sort of live-room operations, anything to do with juggling “free trials”.  I accept all payments via credit cards, cash or bank account transfer thru Western Union MoneyGram process only. Payment transfer fees will be factored into the service price 🙂

What I Can Do
I’ve put together an educational package that includes video lessons covering everything I do for both intraday and swing-trade efforts. There will be several video segments breaking down each component apart. Some of this is unchanged from years past and some of it is new additions. All based on the same framework, which is in fact the “holy grail” of trading. I say that in total seriousness, but any true “grail” includes trader discipline and self-control. No aspect of trading will ever allow anyone to just step in, make mindless decisions and also overcome human weakness, human error and mental = emotional mistakes.

If you don’t have a firm handle on yourself, it is impossible for you to succeed in this profession with zero exception. Period, end of story. I’ll teach anyone willing to learn exactly what I do to create the results demonstrated. I’m more than willing to help those who are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Educational Package Details
Along with the tutorial videos covering current, revamped intraday and swing-trade info, I’ll include a “trade-alert” service as part of the overall package. Each trade I prepare to take will be sent out in detail ahead of time, including price level of intended entry, initial stop, trailed stop change adjustments, potential profit exit targets and actual exit. The alerts will be sent to educational service members via phone text and/or email as desired.

This part of the overall service is designed to keep members in the loop on days that I actively trade, adding a live aspect to the educational process that fits into everyone’s normal daily tasks. Hours of operation for trade-alert notification segment are generally 7am est thru 2:30pm est at the latest, most days well inside that. I’ll be reporting on the actual trade setups and executions of mine, not every potential signal every session.

To Join
Pricing at the time of initial release (Sat Oct 22nd) will be $999 for new members and $499 for past CM Team members. Service begins Monday Oct 1st and is good thru all of 2019. That price is the equivalent of +100 ticks (or +50 ticks) per one single CL contract successfully traded. imo if a trader cannot justify investing at least that in themselves for the next year-plus, they are not seriously in the profession at this time.

Week Ahead
Next week will launch the revised trader-education service here. But that is and always will be a sideline offshoot to the main focus here, which is trading effectively. CL rollover session is straight ahead, one I may opt to sit out if price movement appears spastic as usual. Other than that, business as usual and steady as it goes. See you inside here again next Friday for the weekly results wrap 🙂

See You Inside

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